Nashville has a growing reputation for wild girl getaways – it’s overtaken Vegas as the number one place for bachelorette parties, or as we like to call them in Australia, hens weekends.
Cluck cluck cluck.
Despite all the pedal pubs and yahooing whizzing past you on the street (making you long for your wonder years), there are plenty of fun things to do in Nashville with kids.

One family travel hack I have is that when you visit a destination choose your activities and attractions on the things that make that city or region unique.
You can find gardens, zoos, science centers and museums in almost any city and they don’t differ too much.
There will be some museums that are truly unique to the region and worth visiting, like the Civil Rights Museum we recently visited in Memphis, (and the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in Nashville we’re about to share with you).
But, if there aren’t any outstanding unique attractions to the area, I suggest you skip those attractions. Put your time and energy instead into the things that make that city stand out and experiences the whole family will enjoy.
As you will see below, there are plenty of things for kids to do in Nashville with mom and dad.

In this post on fun things to do in Nashville with kids, we share:
What makes Nashville a Unique American City?
Memorable Music City Moments
14 fun things to do with kids in Nashville
Places to stay in Nashville with kids

What makes Nashville a unique American city?

Nashville does have a science center, zoo, botanical gardens, playgrounds, and attractions like plantations, mansions, and a replica Parthenon, which are cool in their own right.
But, Nashville Tennessee stands out as the Music City so make your visit to Nashville with kids about the …
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