Quite a few people have reached out to us who are moving abroad to the US – or they are thinking or dreaming about it. They found this post on getting settled in the US helpful. 
As I have moved overseas many times before, I understand how scary and confusing it can be. There is a lot to consider and organize when you move abroad.
We’ve moved abroad over 5 times, yet it’s still an extremely stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting experience, especially now that we have kids to think about.
Although our specifics in this moving abroad post are related to relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, you can apply the principles to wherever you are moving  – USA or not.

Here are some things to have when you first move abroad to help you get set up:
If you can use a friend’s address before you move to your new country, this will help you immensely.
So much of what you want to do, you can’t do without a local address. If you have employment lined up already, perhaps your company has a solution in place for this.
Phone Number
If you can’t get set up with phone accounts from the beginning – we could because we had a friend’s address and social security numbers and a decent credit score – buy a SkypeIn number. We used this for the first couple of weeks before we got our new Verizon cell phone accounts.
It was hugely helpful as everyone wants your phone number! When you are apartment hunting or searching for a car to buy, people will want to call you.
Social Security Numbers
This is just for USA relocation, but whatever country you are moving to consider this from the perspective of their tax numbers.
Social Security number is basically your tax ID. It’s tied …
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