Travel Packing List for Women — Packing Guide for Backpacking Europe

Updated: August 18, 2017. Originally Posted: March 2013.

We ladies often have a tough time packing light. We want to look fashionable, but we don’t have a lot of space to pack everything. This travel packing list will help you pack only the clothes and accessories that you need — while still looking fashionable. It can be tough, but it isn’t impossible if you follow this packing guide. We don’t only focus on fashion… we also have recommended travel accessories, toiletries, electronics, and other items that will help you get the most out of your vacation! This guide is geared toward travel in Europe, but the principles are universal for all international travel. 

HEY DUDES! Check out our new Men’s Packing List for Backpacking Europe — it is a similar guide to this one, but the suggestions are geared toward guys.

Women’s Travel Packing List for Europe Outline

  1. Advice About Fashion and Packing Light
  2. Clothing
  3. Travel Accessories
  4. Toiletries
  5. Electronics for Travel
  6. First Aid Items
  7. What Not to Bring

Advice About Fashion and Packing Light

Packing light isn’t easy for many of my fellow female travelers (I still struggle, myself), but the benefits to traveling light are immens